Ten - Two - One

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One morning I awoke suddenly from what I thought was a true nightmare. I was in a cold sweat and my cock was rock hard. Then I realized it was only a dream and just another fantasy that wasn't going to cum true. Suddenly the phone rang. A sultry voice, which I was most familiar with, was on the other end. "Harriet, this is Mistress Barbara, and I have good news for you. Our TV club decided that tonight, on your birthday, would be the ideal night for your initiation into the club." (Now I was really sweating and the butterflies were churning in my stomach) "Here is what I want you to do in preparation for tonight’s activity," Mistress Barbara sternly demanded.

"First thing this morning you are to drink a bottle of Magnesium Citric and this afternoon you must take two enemas to clean out your colon. Also, I want your body to be shaved all over and you are to be at my house by 7 pm to get dressed up into your special outfit I have designed for you." Wow! I was starting to get... opret et medlemskab for at læse hele novellen

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